The Body Sings (September 23rd – 24th, 2023)

The Body Sings

We feel very blessed to announce, that in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, we will have chance to attend a new elective course: THE BODY SINGS – an exposition on the Heart Song exercise.
This course was designed by Ron Paz (Narayan Jyoti) and Noam Paz (Rama), with Vianna’s blessing and advise, as a response to the need of an in-depth practice of one of ThetaHealing’s unique and potent techniques.

The Heart Song technique is one of the more advanced and powerful exercises that ThetaHealing® offers The use of it allows expression of deep sorrow and grief, that may accumulate in the person and delay their process of healing, manifestation and spiritual growth, when they do not feel they have the space nor the legitimacy to freely express them. The Heart Song a llows the healing process to reach beyond the limitations of the analytic mind, with the grace of the Creator’s unconditional love. 

The sounds produced in the Heart Song allows a flow of contained energy to be released gently from the body, opening up the space for new flow of energy of unconditional love and healing, while having the good influence of the waves of sound on all the cells of the body and the different organs. 

As practitioners, the witnessing and the support that we provide in the Heart Song session help the person receiving to be present with so called “negative” emotions, mindfully releasing them in a safe and contained environment, without “skipping” essential steps in the healing process.

In this course we will explore the world of our inner tones and vibrations through different physical behaviors such as breathing and moving the body with awareness. We will be practicing the Heart Song technique on different parts of our body and allow a release of grief and sorrow from the cells of our body. we will follow with believe work. 

In this course you will learn how to:

  • develop a holistic approach towards the healing process and allow the use of our body and voice for attaining wellbeing on all levels
  • release and transform a great amount of held energy from the body in order to achieve faster healing and high profound intuitive abilities.
  • attentive preparation of the body can help in the process of the heart song
  • facilitate and support a safe space for emotional well being 
  • create sacred space dedicated for healing and prayer
  • the power of prayer and chanting as a way to communicate with the Creator of All That Is.

The Body Sings is an elective Thetahealing® class with Thetahealing® Dig Deeper class .as a prerequisite

Price of the seminar:

class fee: 400,- EUR

welcome to The Body Sings!

host fee: CZK 3.500 (140 EUR) for payments received till September 20th, since 21st of August 4.500 CZK (180 EUR).

Bank connection for host fee:

  • Payments in CZK – IBAN: CZ65 0100 0000 4372 4878 0217  SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX 
    Payments in EUR – IBAN: CZ89 2010 0000 0027 0181 8154  SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX



On Friday 20. 9. 2023 at 7 pm, an introductory meeting will be held on which Narayan will perform and sing together with attendees. The participants of the weekend seminar have the introductory meeting included in the fee, for others the price is CZK 500 (approx. 20 EUR).

About the teachers

The brothers Ron (Narayan Jyoti) and Noam (Rama) Paz are teachers, healers and artists. In their individual and team work they are creating a space for healing and change through ThetaHealing, Yoga, sacred singing and interdisciplinary art.

Ron Paz (Narayan Jyoti)

is a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science, a close student of Vianna Stibal, founder of Thetahealing, a teacher, a healer and a musician.

Noam Paz (Rama)

is a ThetaHealing Master, a teacher, a healer and an interdisciplinary artist.



KC Půda, Prague-Suchdol,

Suchdolské náměstí 734/3            Praha-Suchdol


bus stop Suchdolské náměstí – buses 107 and 147,
from station Dejvická (metro line A – green colour). Connection search and timetables at

price of transfer ticket for Prague: CZK 40/90 min .; 30 CZK/30 min .;     120 CZK/24 hours; 330 CZK/72 hours

(EUR= approx. 23 CZK)



Hotel Carl-Inn, Sídlištní 1167/1, Praha-Suchdol,
Koleje České zemědělské univerzity, Kamýcká 129, Praha-Suchdol,

Surroundings of Vítězné náměstí/Dejvická station Prague-Dejvice / Bubeneč:


Vera Stepankova


+420 721 681 681

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